Featured Thrill of Thrift Tips

To thrift or not to thrift?

As shopping secondhand continues to trend in consumer purchasing habits, you might ask yourself "which items should I NOT thrift?" Not to state the obvious, but I would stay away from undergarments UNLESS they are new-with-tags. You can really buy almost anything secondhand as long as you check the condition. It is also totally up to your comfort level! Think before you thrift but also don't forget that you can find many items, including furniture, brand new with their original tags at resale shops and via online platforms like Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, Poshmark, and thredUP.

2020 presented a very challenging year for small businesses and I learned how important it is to support local resale shops. Having the opportunity to promote local shops as the Resale Expert for Main Line Fashionista showed me the value of a supportive community. I am so grateful that I was able to work together with the owners of some of my favorite shops to help their stores grow during a difficult time.

Thrift for Holiday Decor

Looking to decorate your home for the holidays on a budget? Check out your local thrift, resale, and antique shops! I found so many items at shops like Steeple to People in Honey Brook, PA & Creekside Antiques in Downingtown, PA.

Click the image above to see a short video about the holiday decor I recently thrifted!

Know Your Size
Some shops still have fitting rooms closed for the safety of their staff and customers. My tip for shopping during these times is to know your size in advance. You can even measure items at home that fit you really well and try to find pieces with similar measurements to make sure that the items you buy will look great on you! I could tell these white wide leg cropped pants were likely to fit and for only $2 new-with-tag from The Attic in Bethlehem, PA, it was worth the risk!